Day in the Sun: Skin & Food Routine

Saturday, I attended the Peach Pedal, which is a hilly, hot ride out in Weatherford, TX (about 20 minutes west of Fort Worth). I did the 39 mile route and needless to say, spending 3 (or more) hours out in the Texas sun in the middle of July can be hard on the body and skin. It takes a lot of preparation, which I won’t go into much in this post, but I started my day off with a light breakfast.


Two hard boiled eggs and a Lara Bar might not seem like much to sustain 40 miles, but bike rallies are fully supported which means that there are rest stops every 8-10 miles with fruit, sandwiches, cookies, water, Gatorade, and more. So, I only need enough to “get me going”.


On top of a light breakfast, I prepare a recovery drink: Hammer Nutrition Recoverite. I swear by Hammer products and have always noticed good results. I have their protein powder, electrolyte tablets, supplements, and gels! But the Recoverite is probably the best part of my routine. I use this for not only my bike rides, but also as a recovery drink after my normal workouts. It’s helped keep soreness down, prevent charlie horses, and forces me to drink water and rehydrate after a long time in the sun.


Finally, I spoil my face when I’m done. I never use exfoliators after being in the sun for hours, so instead, I swear by Lush’s Coalfact Charcoal Bar. I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s an expensive bar of soal (at $14 for 3.5oz), and I even baulked a little when I bought it. But, it’s done wonders for my face by removing all of that salt, sunblock, and grime without making my face feel stripped. Even though it’s not really an exfoliant, it does have “granules” that are almost massaging. I follow that up with a face mask. Lately, I have been enjoying my Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Broccoli. They are expensive masks (at $6 a piece), but they feel really great and it’s so, so soothing to have that cool gel on your face after facing a 100 degree morning.

Finally, I have been using up my samples of Merlot Collection Moisture Day Cream. If you click that link, you’ll see why I only have samples! Haha! I don’t know if it’s worth the price, but it’s definitely one of the better moisturizers that I have ever used.


September Skin Care Routine

Hey all! So to change up the pace a bit, I wanted to share my skin care routine. I’ve been getting a bunch of compliments on how clear my skin has been, so why not share my secrets?!


I almost always start off by exfoliating at the end of the day. Currently, I am using L’Oreal’s Go Clean 36 Degree. It comes with a little pad that I love to use to lightly scrub problem areas like the nose and tops of my cheeks. If there are any other places that feel like they are breaking out, I’ll touch there too! On days that I’m feeling okay with my skin, I’ll lightly scrub my face with my hands, and rinse. This is very drying, so I after drying, I always follow up with a moisturizer.


I really enjoy Cetaphil facial products, but I don’t enjoy the prices, so I decided to try out the Equate version. It’s marketed towards dry skin (which I am NOT), but I find that it’s thin enough to give a nice coat of moisture after exfoliation. The amount shown on my hands is all I need to keep my face from feeling like a cracked desert floor. I also use this to moisturize my neck and elbows.

IMAG2419Unfortunately, I wish I could say that I never suffer from breakouts and my skin is perfect, but I can’t. That’s where the Neutrogena 3-in-1 Acne Treament comes in. A little goes a long way, so a tube will last quite a while. I can sometimes feel when a breakout is going to occure, so I’ll use this as a preventative measure. But, if I get random pop-ups, I’ll apply this in each spot, let it dry, then moisturize my face, being careful not to apply over the spots.

Also, I can’t exfoliate after being directly in the sun for hours (even with sunblock), so I find alternatives to cleansing my face. The tea tree oil helps get my face extra clean after cleansing my face without any form of exfoliating. Believe me, this leaves my face feeling nice and clean after a long, dusty bike ride. Believe me when I say a little goes a long way! One cotton swab should be all that it takes. You might want to take a clean towel, wet it, and wipe the excess off. It is oil after all, and my face is naturally oily. No need to let more oil sit on my face.

This is my current cleansing routine! What do you use to clean and moisturize your face? How do you handle breakouts?