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The Sporty Natural was started to help African-American women who choose to wear their hair naturally, but also want to live an active and healthy lifestyle. With heart disease, stroke, and diabetes being in the top five leading causes of death in the African-American community, it is important to bridge the gap between fitness and hair care. The Sporty Natural will help bring the worlds of fitness and hair care together.


What’s your dream occupation — the one job you’d love to have if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now?
I’d love to be working for NASA on their International Space Station project, their Mars projects, and any of their other fascinating space exploration projects!

Do you have hidden talents most people don’t know about?
I don’t know if this is “hidden”, but I used to play the clarinet for years. [lame I know]

What one accomplishment are you most proud of?
This one is hard. I feel like I am proud of the cliché things like graduating from graduate school, but I will think of something better.

What’s your favorite sports team and how far will you go to show your support?
I like the Philadelphia Phillies, but I don’t follow sports enough to go out of my way to support them. I just talk trash when I need to.

Share something funny or endearing about your pet.
I have two cats: Apollo and Luna. They are siblings and all black. Apollo has what I like to call “quirks”. If you scratch his chin in the right spot, he’ll smack his lips. Also, if you squeeze his butt in the right spot, he’ll go boneless and flop over. Luna on the other hand is the “boss”. She smaller than Apollo by a good 6 or 7lbs, but she likes to pick on Apollo to the point that he runs away. She’s also very much a lap cat and demands to sit on people’s laps when they come over.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Trashy reality shows. I can’t (but should) get enough!

Type: 4b/c (or so I think)
Porosity: Low
Density: Thick
Texture: Fine



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