BH Cosmetics Haul and Ipsy Offer!

Omg! Why do I keep buying makeup!?

Ofra Professional Make Up

This is a 20 shade palette and I am so in love with some of these colors. This is an Ipsy Offer that I splurged on. I am solidly somewhere between ooh and meh with some of these colors. So, let me start by saying that the shimmery bronze (top row, 2nd from right) and the shimmery pink (bottom row, 3 from right) are my total favorites. And I got it just in time for valentine’s day, so that will be happening! Some of the lighter shades are a little ashy looking during the swatching, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to make it work. If you are interested in a video of this palette, comment and let me know!

Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter

This palette is all the rave on YouTube, right now and was really hard to come by. So, this is sold by BH Cosmetics, which is an affordable online make-up shop. Now, this is an affordable palette, so don’t go expecting Urban Decay Naked level of pigmentation. That being said, I was very impressed by most of the shades. They were buttery and felt very good when swatching. The downside is that there is some flakiness (especially…mostly?) from the matte colors. I’d definitely say this is chocolate girl friendly, but since there are no transition colors, it is somewhat lacking. If you’d like to see some a video including this palette, let me know!


My two lipsticks are the ever popular Missy Lynn Color Lock in Serenity and the BH Cosmetics Color Lock Matte in Rapture. Let me start with Missy Lynn. These lipsticks sell out so fast! O.M.Gooodnessss! So, I actually didn’t want this color, and really wanted the shade Missy Lynn, but that stays sold out! So, instead, I (nervously) got this nude color. But boy let me tell you how pleasantly shocked I was when I swatched this! It wasn’t ashy and tan like I thought it was. Instead it had nice hints of pink, which can definitely be worked with. Now, on to the BH Cosmetics Rapture. Let. Me. Tell. You. About. This. COLOR! It was so beautiful. I really wish I had bought this so I could have enjoyed it all fall and winter. (What was I thinking!?). I have this line of lipstick in a more red shade. (Rapture is a deep purple). It’s long lasting and not drying at all!


Up next are my three BH Costmetics Waterproof Lip Liner in Nude, Spiced, and Rouge. The plan was to use Nude with my new nude Missy Lynn SerenityRouge with Rapture, and Spiced with some other reds that I have around the house. I don’t know how I did it, but I was spot on with my Nude and Rouge pairing! They compliment my lipsticks so well! It’s amazing! As for how well they apply, very little pressure is needed to get a good payout. They are very soft, so they’ll probably need constant sharpening. Hopefully they hold up well to sharpening. W’ll see.


Last but not least, I bought a blending brush (#12) and a lip brush (#2). The blending brush seems a tad scratchy and stiff, but not horrible. I don’t feel that it can be as versatile as some fluffier brushes, but I’ll be able to get the use out of it that I need. Also, there are some “fly aways” so I wonder how well this brush will hold up to cleaning. On the flip side of this review, I’m pleasantly surprised how well the fibers of the lip brush lay. It’s soft and stiff, which is what I was hoping for. Now, this is my first lip brush, so I have to admit that I don’t know what to expect. Otherwise, this brush comes with a removable cap that you snap onto the end of the brush to make it a standard brush length, meaning this is the perfect travel brush!

This little palette was a free gift with purchase from BH Cosmetics. As far as I know, there is no other way to get this palette. It’s called the Essential Eyes To Go 6 color eye-shadow palette. Coincidentally, it comes with shades that are some of my favorite go-to shades. The two middle shades are probably my favorite. It’s a gift that I’m happy to get since I’ll actually use it!



(Left->Right) Carli Bybel (first 5), Rapture lipstick, Serenity lipstick, Nude liner.

The first two (most left) colors are the large highlighter shades.Note: That purple did not swatch well from the Carli Bybel palette.


(Left->Right) Rouge liner, Spiced liner, Ofra swatches (last 5).

That gold (3rd from left) and the pink (5th from left) swatched well, but they are not that pigmented. It would definitely take some building to get some payoff, ESPECIALLY with the matte shades.Note the most right shade? Yea, barely.

Guys! Do you have examples using any of the products listed? If so, post a link to them! Also, if you’d like to see more about these products, let me know!


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