I Run for Chocolate [Hot Chocolate Run Recap]{Photo Heavy}


Coral E, getting ready to run!

I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k with some friends (who did the 15k). This is my first time doing this run and doing any run (minus my Spartan’s) that had so many people!  Start time was at 7:30 (though being in coral E meant that the start time was really 7:45ish).

I decided to run with my knee brace since this is my first run in a while. And I’m never without my trusty dusty HRM and watch. That running pack fits my HTC One M8 really well, plus chap stick, car keys, and a small cereal bar. My Pearl Izumi’s are filthy, but still holding up great! I might have to buy a new pair soon. I’ve tried so many running sneakers and so far, these (by far) are the best. I can do a review on them if you all are interested!


Hydro Flask with iced water, Shaker bottle with Hammer Recoverite, and some bars to munch on.

The flask was just in case it got warmer than I expected and needed more water that a single bottle. (Soiler, it didn’t.) The Recoverite is my favorite recovery drink and makes up the core of my recovery when I’m riding. I eat significantly less on run days than I do on bike days, so I only had one Trail Mix bar and a few bites of the cliff bar.

Check out my Strava details here.


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