My Empties


First up are my empty Shea Moisture products!

The Bad:
I truly didn’t care for the deep treatment masque. I got through this product by mixing it with out conditioning products. It’s such a weird, thick texture that I didn’t think it spread easily on my hair. I had to use a lot of this product. That being said, it’s good to mix into a protein/oil treatment.

The Meh:
The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is a “meh” product for me. It doesn’t hurt but there are better things out there (at least for me). It smells amazing, but I think it’s a tad too thin for me, and I end up having to use a lot. Also, I just don’t think it does anything to really help my curls. Caveat: I use the LOC method of managing my hair, and this is definitely not a good cream for me. I haven’t quite figured out why.

The Good:
The leave-in is (so far) my favorite leave-in (especially for using the LOC method). I’ll admit, it’s a weird texture and can be hard to handle due to how extremely fluid it is. Note: I used this in the shower and the container tipped over, spilling half the product out….which is why this is an empty now. 😦 It smells great and can be used dry or wet without feeling oily or weighing your hair down.

Cantu is definitely on the Good list. It’s a little thicker than the Shea Moisture equivalent, but it doesn’t feel like it weighs down my hair. I definitely struggle with having thin, low porosity hair and this definitely locks in any moisture I apply without too much build up. Bonus: It smells great! It’s one of my favorite smelling products.


Last, Kinky-Curly is the original leave-in that I used because the first bottle was given to me. I would add this to the Meh list. I’ll admit that this actually works, really well, but the amount of product I have to use versus how much this bottle actually cost is very high. It took a lot of product before I felt like my hair was responding the way that it should. Also, this leave-in does not work favorably on my hair when it’s dry.

What products have you used up? What do you think of my empties?


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