Top Questions/Comments I Get About My Natural Hair

natural hair, marley twistsI don’t consider myself having been natural for long. In a previous post, I explain how I stopped using heat and chemicals more than a year ago, but it wasn’t until January of this year that I actually cut off my texturized ends. Between January and now, I’ve started to explore my natural hair and play with many different styles (wigs, marley twists, knots, etc.). I was never really worried about questions or what people might think, but there definitely are some doozies out there!

1. (How) Do you wash your hair?
How is in parenthesis because sometimes that’s not included in the question. Of course I wash my hair. I’m not sure why this is even a question. If you’re curious how long in between washes, then that’s fair. My wash frequency ranges from one to two weeks, depending on my workout routine, the weather, and my schedule in general.

2. Can you comb it?
Yes. *eye roll* I detangle and comb my hair like everyone else.

3. Oh! Your hair is different!
(Okay, this isn’t a question, but I get this comment a lot.) I’m sorry for not settling on one hairstyle for the rest of my life.

4. [When my hair is in an afro.] You look like ________!
Who? Foxy Brown? Angela Davis? Diana Ross? [Insert any black celebrity with an afro.] No I don’t.

5. I could never go natural! My hair is too ____________!
What, too thick? Thin haired women envy you my friend. Oh wait, were you going to say too wild? Everyone has bad hair days, natural or not. Learn how to tame it. Oh I’m sorry. You were going to say your hair is too prone to tangling. *heavy sigh* That’s because your hair is probably damaged from over processing.

6. Every time I see you, your hair is different.
This plays off of comment 3. I listed it again because this is the comment I get the most and honestly, this version of the comment pisses me off a little. I feel like it’s worded in a way to make me feel bad about having a different hair style so frequently.

7. Can you still go swimming or workout?
I’ve only actually been asked this once, and it was by someone who I didn’t know very well. (Think friend of a friend of a friend.) If you know me at all, you know I work out vigorously with no issues. The swimming thing, has it’s own stigma is the African American community. I love swimming. I just take extra precaution with my hair before getting in the water.

8. [When I wear Marley Twists or a wig and remove them.] You cut (and dyed your hair)?
I admit, that this one makes me laugh…a lot. It’s so ridiculous that I can’t help it. I mean, it’s completely normal that one day my hair is barely at my ear and brown and the next day my hair is down my back with red or blond highlights, but weird when I go back to my normal hair? (Co-workers, I’m looking at you.) You see me 5 days a week with short brown hair, but come in on Monday with red and brown twists, and that’s normal. *shakes my head*

9. How did you get your hair that way?
I answer this differently depending on the person who is asking. Most friends and strangers who are also natural get a detailed or semi detailed answer, depending on what I think you’re curious about. I love talking about my process and sharing everything that I’ve learned. That being said, I refuse to give anything but a vague curt answer to people asking because they see some novelty in my hair.

10. Can I touch it?
I’m sure you were allllll wondering when I’d get to this. More times than not, this doesn’t bother me. Go on! I don’t care (usually) as long as you ask and I say yes. Most people that I see on a day to day basis know what care and pride I take in my hair. The don’t see it as some fascinating toy to root through. But strangers? Hell no! Unless we just met and connected over hair products and discussed enough for you to understand how much time I put into keeping my hair healthy, then the answer is no, you may not touch my hair!


What questions or comments do you commonly get?


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