Embracing my Tapered TWA – #TheStruggle

So, in my last post, I had just come from the salon with a fresh tapered cut and a nice rod set. I was on top of the world and getting compliments from days. Well, fast forward a few days when it’s time for my wash.

Honestly, the detangling and the washing went so well. It’s amazing how buttery smooth the comb runs through natural hair! After the wash, I let my hair dry in the towel, then air dry a bit. For my first “do” I decided to concur the bantu knot out for the top and just coil the sides. How hard could it be?


I had NO clue what I was doing with the sides….it unintentionally ended up being a (poorly done) wash a go. The top? That actually looked nice. The lesson? 1. Learn how to do proper finger coils. 2. The sides and back of my hair are going to be problem children.

Fast forward again another week. I went home to Philadelphia for a visit and my mom offered to buy my perm rods and roll my hair. Well, I’m adding that experience to my list of failed hair attempts. The sides of my hair looked like NOTHING was done to it at ALL! The top? Just as bad. I looked like a frizzy poodle.


At this point, I’m thinking, there’s no way for me to get my hair looking like I just came from the salon! Why on EARTH did I do this again? Well, fast forward a few more days and yup, you guessed it, my masochistic nature kicked in and I decided to try rolling my hair again.

Armed with my spray bottle, detangler, coconut oil, and curling cream, I set to work doing my OWN rod set. I still had my mom there to let me know if I was missing something in the back of my head, but honestly, I was liking how this was feeling. I did smaller sections, and detangled and moisturized my hair as I rolled. For the top, I decided to do three flat twists into bantu knots.

-Fingers crossed!-

I let that air dry, and left everything in as I traveled back to Texas (yes, I know it’s a no-no to leave the house in rollers, sorry!). The next day, I started taking everything out. I coated my hands in oil and started to unroll. Let me start off by saying, rod sets are HARD! I can’t get that same defined curl that I got at the salon (but I suspect it’s because I don’t sit under a dryer).

Though the sides/back of my hair weren’t as defined as I wanted, I was liking the look that I was getting! It looked almost like a tight twist out. And the top, again, was no problem. I didn’t know how to blend the two different styles into each other, so I swooped the top to one side and gave myself a nice part.


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