Natural Hair Journey: Day 1

Though I am technically calling this day “Day 1”, I hadn’t put chemicals (perms or texturizers) in my hair in months. And a few months after that, I also stopped blow drying my hair. But, January 10th, was the big day; the day that I got my hair chopped off (for the second time). So, what makes this time more important than the last time? Well, I have no intention of putting any chemicals in my hair, for one. After my first “big chop”, I blow dried it everyday and couldn’t WAIT to put a perm in it.
This time is different. The almost two years that I had cut my hair the first time until today resulting in such minimal growth that it was embarrassingly laughable! In fact, despite my horrible edges, my hair showed more growth in the last four months than the previous year an a half.
Not only did I notice the change in my hair, but others were taking note too. I’d often get compliments about how shiny my hair was looking. I’d get “what products do you use questions”. And I’ve never gotten that question before! It was starting to make me, dare I say, l-i-k-e my hair. But, then came a time where, even in removing heat and chemicals to my normal routine, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted/needed.
-gulp- That meant going to a salon and having a professional look at my hair. At this point, this is where the fear that they’d tell me that I was a lost cause and to just shave it off came in. After my struggle of finding a natural salon in a city that was still somewhat new to me, I made an appointment for a consultation, which didn’t go too bad. The downside? They did recommend cutting the processed ends off. But, the upside is, they said how amazing my natural hair was and that the processed ends were just hiding it.
-breathe of relieve- My hair wasn’t horrible, and I didn’t have to leave the salon bald! All-in-all, I got the processed ends completely cut off the sides and back of my head, while the top got a major trim, but as it grows out, I’ll take a little more off here and there. That’s basically the long story long of the TRUE beginnings of my journey!

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