Review: Hydro Flask 40oz Bottle

If you are trying to lose weight or get/stay healthy, then you may (or may not) know how essential water is to your diet. We (human beings) are made up of about 60% of water, meaning it’s important to maintain that balance. Also, water, though having no direct relationship to weight loss, it is a good idea to substitute those sugary, high calorie drinks for a glass or bottle of water. There are some other benefits to staying well hydrated: helps minimize muscle cramping, keeps skin looking good, good for your kidneys, and helps to keep you “regular”. All of these reasons lead me away from my cranberry juice crutch and towards a better hydrated life.
The problem is, all of the bottles I used would either be too small (aka constant refills), or would sweat all over the place. Have you ever tried picking up a sweaty bottle after applying lotion on your hands? No fun. It’s like picking up a salamander: slick and gooey feeling. Anyway, in times like those, I get onto Amazon and browse around for a decent sounding water bottle. That’s how I came across the Hydro Flask. It had great reviews on all of the different style of bottles, so I figured, what the heck!
Hydro Flask is a company that was founded in Hawaii in 2008. They advertise their bottles to be double-walled, vacuum insulated, BPA free, and made of food grade stainless steel. Also, they claim that their bottles will stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. On top of the features of the bottles, there are a wide range of sizes and styles offered. There are even exchangeable lids that you can buy to suite your needs. The bottle range from 12oz all the way up to 64oz, come in a wide array of colors, and there are even food flasks available.
I bought the 40oz Hydro Flask in red. It has a wide mouth which makes dumping ice in so easy and hassle free. The stainless steel is extremely durable. I have not dropped this, but I’ve banged it around a lot (as I swing it around on my way to refill it, oops!). No color has chipped off, though it’s picked up a few scuffs here and there. The lid and lid attachment are made of a hard plastic. They feel quite sturdy as the little loop is my chosen method of carrying the bottle around and it doesn’t feel look or show any signs of ware.
There are some things that I’m actually (pleasantly) surprised about. The finish on the bottle isn’t smooth like you’d expect from a metal/steel bottle. It has a slightly rough texture to it that I personally like the feel of. I don’t feel as if this bottle can slip out of my hand, Which brings me to the fact that this bottle doesn’t sweat…at all! In fact, the bottle isn’t cold to the touch. I expected the bottle to do a better job of not sweating all over the place, but I did underestimate the reviews I read about how well it handled cold/hot temperatures.
I’m also surprised that this bottle lives up to staying cold for up to 24 hours. Living in Texas, in the summer is the perfect time to test this bottle out. I’ve had this bottle out in 100 degree heat for an hour and then over night and still woke up to ice in the bottle. I’ve also left the bottle in the car, in direct sunlight (by mistake), but came back to ice-less but cool water. I’ve been able to leave my bottle on the floor of my car (shaded) for up to 3 hours without the ice melting completely. Also (and most importantly), there is no added taste. There’s (obviously) no plastic taste that you get from other bottles and there is no metallic taste that you get with aluminum bottles.
Some cons to the specific bottle that I got is it’s size. I personally don’t care, but I’ve gotten comments from people about how big it is. *shrug* Apparently people don’t like that. But, I’m sure the 18oz and 21oz bottles are “normal” size. Another con (again comments coming from other people) is that this bottle is not USA made. It’s made in China, and I know how people are not quite a fan of that sometimes (especially when it’s something that we eat/drink from).
Overall, this bottle is quite amazing. If you don’t mind that the bottles are made in China, and need a tasteless solution to a sweaty water bottle, then this is a great bottle to try out. Again, the actually website is here, but I ordered mine on Amazon.

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