Express Haul: Jeggings Galore!

Hey all! This is my very first Express haul!! I have honestly never bought anything from Express, but after a dish washing mishap, she gave me a pair of her jeans that didn’t look quite right on her. The moment I put them on, I was in love. Fast forward about two years, the jeans are getting to the end of their usefulness. /oh no/ So, it’s time for new ones! /oh yea/ So, I found an amazing sale and bought four pairs (yes four, I have a problem) of leggings/jeggings/jeans.

Pair #1: Mid Rise
Tag Price: $79.90
Sale Price: $24.00

I started with this pair because out of the four, total, these are just average in terms of my expectations. I love, love, love the deep blue color of these. In fact, I bought these jeans to directly replace the jeans my cousin gave me. They’ll look amazing with a rich colored boot or any autumn/fall colors. The reason these are just “average” for me is because, they are what I wanted them to be, a replacement for a pair of pants that I already love. In short, I already loved these pants, and there are no surprises about these.

Pair #2: Super High Rise
Tag Price: $79.90
Sale Price: $24.00

These are my first pair of super high rise pants, and I LOVE them. The color looks amazing and I love the acid wash down the center of the thighs. They give my thighs a nice round look while making them look thin as well. (Crazy, I know.) There are small destroyed areas on the waistband and rear pockets. It’s enough to give the pants character, but not enough to change the actual feel of them.

Pair #3: Mid Rise Destroyed
Tag Price: $88.00
Sale Price: $26.43
I’ve never bought destroyed jeans before, but for the price, I decided to give them a change. Something about that acid wash makes these jeans feel amazing! They feel…dare I say, supple? I’m so in love with the high rise fit at Express, that I wish I had gotten these in high rise. Also, I am not sure how I like the destroyed knee (not shown). As a bigger girl, I’m wondering ho these will work when I move around a lot or sit down, cross my legs, etc.
Pair #4:  High Rise Acid Wash
Tag Price: $88.00
Sale Price: $26.43
These are, hands down, my favorite of the four jeans. They are edgy and the color looks great against my skin tone. I was worried I’d look like a tween in these, but they actually show off my shape well enough to give me that sexy, edgy look that I was hoping for. I really want to get a pair of combat boots (I’m in need of some new ones) and rock out downtown this fall.
As I said before, I loved the last pair of pants that my cousin gave me. The only complaint was that I’m not a bootcut type of girl. I prefer to show off my ankles, and these jeans actually hug my angles, which a lot of pants don’t do unless you’re a size 0. So, I really appreciate how tight the leggings/jeggings are. Because of the tight ankles, I’m sure you can guess, that these pants have plenty of stretch. They mold around you wonderfully to make an easy, effortless fit.
If you don’t feel like doing the math, the pants would have totaled: $335.80. But I only paid $100.86 (for a savings of $234.94). That’s a 70% savings!!

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