AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake Review

A few days ago, I completed my AdvoCare cleanse phase and I did a review on that. Currently, I am going through the Max Phase which I will review when I finish with the regimen. But, during the max phase, the meal replacement shake is the breakfast of choice, though only a recommendation. There are a few flavors to choose from: Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla, Berry, and Chocolate. I chose the latter.

According to AdvoCare, the Meal Replacement Shake has these Key Benefits:


  • Only 220 calories
  • Balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management
  • 24 grams of easy-to-digest protein
  • High in dietary fiber (5-6 grams)
  • 50% of the Daily Value of calcium
  • 26 vitamins and minerals
  • 1:1 ratio of proteins to carbohydrates
  • Low sodium and low fat


After having taken the shake for a few days, I can say that first of all, the Chocolate doesn’t taste bad at all. I honestly expected to have to gag this down, but I don’t. It’s flavorful as well as thick enough to feel as if I am getting some sort of sustenance. I’ve never had any trouble mixing this in a blender bottle, but I can’t say how well this will mix with a spoon. I can’t see the whole contents of this package actually mixing thoroughly in anything other than a blender or a blender bottle. To go along with the mildly pleasant flavor, it doesn’t smell bad either. It smells better than it tastes (a sense it doesn’t taste bad, that should tell you something).

I was worried about this shake only being 220 calories but being marketed as a meal replacement. With my cycling and gym days, I need a more calories than a sedentary woman (DUH!) and I like to front load my calories or else it feels like I’m not getting a good start to my day. That being said, I’ve found that this holds me over in just enough time to have a post breakfast/ pre lunch snack.

I’m impressed with the amount of protein! There are significantly more calories in this mix than my Hammer Whey Protein powder, but there is also more protein. This would make a good recovery shake after my workouts in the evening while also helping curb any hunger that working out might cause. So, I’m thinking of switching to drinking this in the evenings instead of the mornings. Something that I don’t like, though, is the amount of sugar in this. 12g of sugar versus 6 grams of fiber definitely makes the “1:1 ratio of proteins to carbohydrates” less meaningful. And despite being low in fat, those 12g of sugar will turn into fat anyway. It’ll just take a little longer.

Other than that, I don’t hate this shake at all. In fact, it tastes good, is heavy enough to eat alone, but flavorful enough to make a good smoothie. I’d definitely keep some of this on hand if I could find a good deal on it in the future. It’s a great “no time, gotta run” meal!


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